If you set the glide.ui.advanced system property to true and then navigate to the Create New Template pop-up form, two Save buttons appear at the bottom right side of the form.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. In the Application Navigator, type sys_properties.list in the Filter navigator field.
  2. Open the glide.ui, advanced system property.
  3. Set the Value to true
  4. Click Update.
  5. Navigate to Incident > Open.
  6. Open any incident record.
  7. Check to see that the template bar is displayed at the bottom of the form. (If it is not displayed, click the More options icon  and select Toggle Template Bar.)
  8. Click the + button on the template bar to create a new template.
    Two Save buttons appear on the bottom-right of the form.


Set the glide.ui.advanced system property to false.

Related Problem: PRB666282

Seen In

Geneva Patch 4
Geneva Patch 5

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