Helsinki UI updates



As part of the Helsinki release, ServiceNow has introduced user interface changes. This document highlights many of the notable changes and improvements. 

Global changes

Financial Management Application Menu

New roles and application menus are introduced in the Helsinki release. The Financial Management application is split into two application menus:

  • Cost Transparency: Cost models, the workbench, general ledgers, and other items related to cost allocations
  • Financial Planning: Budgets and all items related to budgeting

For more information, see KB0584465: Helsinki Enhancements | Business Management or the Financial Management release notes.



Workflow activity properties form

Users can customize the layout of workflow activity forms, including individual activity variables. The workflow activity forms are organized into sections with explanatory annotations, making it easier to create new and edit existing activities. 

This platform feature is activated by default. For instructions about how to customize the workflow variables that appear on an activity properties form, see the Edit the workflow activities form topic in the product documentation. 



List v3 is an optional feature that admins can activate in Helsinki. The upgraded list features in Helsinki can improve your productivity and make your job easier. This section describes some useful new features in List v3.

Presence Avatars

Avatars that indicate user presence appear next to fields that reference the User [sys_user] table.


Split view mode

Split mode enables you to view lists and forms side by side in a split pane layout. In split mode, records are listed in a compact format on the left side of the screen. Click a record from the list to open the form in the right pane.

To access additional filter options in split mode, click the more options icon to the right of the filter. Select Sort Filter, Load Filter, or Save Filter.

View the activity stream in either grid or split mode by clicking the activity stream icon  in the list header. 


Re-designed Filter Condition Builder

The list filter interface was redesigned for a better user experience, including a cleaner look and enhancements to the dot-walking interface. For example, simply click the arrow to the right of a field in the condition builder to filter on the Group table's fields.

To create multiple sets of conditions, use the New Criteria button at the bottom of the filter. When you run the filter, results include records that meet any of the condition sets. (The New Criteria button replaces the OR button that appears at the top of the filter in List v2.)

The list sorting interface enables you to add multiple levels of sorting. For example, you could sort a list of incidents by State, then sort by Created date, and finally sort by who created (Created by) the incident. To access the list sorting interface, open the filter and click the Sort Filter button.


List Grouping

The list grouping interface makes it easier to visualize and compare list data at a glance, with quick filtering options and graphical breakdowns of grouped data, including pie and bar charts.

Right-click the column header of the field you want to group by and select the Group By option.

The new grouping interface appears to the left of the list. Use the check boxes to show or hide specific groups. To collapse or expand the grouping interface, click the Toggle group by button in the list footer.


Menu reorganization

Title and Column menus have been consolidated and reorganized. The Personalize Columns option is now under the Title menu instead of the gear icon.

List column menus (right-click on column header) now show only column actions. General list actions have been moved to the list title menu.


List calculations redesigned

For Sys Admins, List calculations have a redesigned and more powerful UI that previews calculations as they are selected in real time, as well as showing them at the bottom of your list.  The list calculation interface enables you to preview calculations instantly and configure calculations for all columns at once.

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