Upgrading to Helsinki overview


The Helsinki release provides enhancements that drive the enterprise service model and improve the user experience. This article provides information and links to additional resources to help you upgrade to Helsinki and establish best practices in each section below:

  • Before Upgrading to Helsinki – Review best practices before upgrading
  • Highlights – Find out what's new in Helsinki
  • Enhancements – View new features and notable changes.
  • Submit Feedback – Send feedback in the comments section or participate in the community


Before upgrading to Helsinki: best practices

Review this information before upgrading an instance to Helsinki:

  • Customers using Financial Management should be aware that new roles and application menus are introduced in the Helsinki release. Users with the financial_mgmt_admin, financial_analyst, or financial_mgmt_user roles cannot access the Cost Transparency and Financial Planning application menus and modules after you upgrade to Helsinki. Reassign the new roles to your users.
  • Even though there is no direct migration path from CMS to the Service Portal available in Helsinki, the Service Portal does come with widgets for various components such as Catalog, Knowledge, and Incidents so the underlying part of your CMS site can be moved over without complete re-implementation. The migration effort may vary depending on the customizations made to components.
  • The MySQL Connector/J driver is no longer included with the ServiceNow deployment and has been replaced by the MariaDB Connector/J driver. Customer code that uses or extends classes provided in the MySQL Connector/J driver may no longer function. For more information, see MariaDB Connector/J driver replaces the MySQL Connector /J driver in Helsinki Release.



A few significant highlights include:

  • Service Portal - Enables you to create modern and engaging web interfaces for services and applications running on the ServiceNow platform.
  • Guided Setup/Embedded Help - Guides you through activities to set up applications and shows your progress through the activities. Also includes contextual embedded help and guided tours.
  • Security Operations Suite - Delivers security incident response, vulnerability response (including Qualys integration), and threat intelligence capabilities for the security practitioner.
  • Customer Service Management - Significant new features in the Customer Service Management application, including bi-directional account relationships, account hierarchy, contact relationships, and account teams.
  • Lists - Many enhancements to lists, including avatars in columns that reference the User table, split mode for viewing lists and forms next to each other, a redesigned list filter, multiple levels of sorting, the ability to group lists, and instant preview of list calculations.



Visit the Helsinki enhancements articles for a full list of new features:



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