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New applications and changes

This article covers new features and notable changes in ServiceNow Platform in Helsinki.

Note: This is a summary of Helsinki features and enhancements. For full details and the most up-to-date information, see Helsinki Release Notes in the ServiceNow Product Documentation.

ServiceNow Platform enhancements

New and enhanced features for ServiceNow Platform include:

EnhancementDescription and Requirement
CMDB - CMDB Health Provides tools and dashboards for monitoring and viewing CMDB health reports. CMDB health is monitored in these major categories:
  • Completeness: Measures the percentage of required and recommended fields that are populated in CIs.
  • Correctness: Measures the percentage of CIs that pass pre-defined data integrity rules such as identification rules, orphan CI rules, and stale CI rules.
  • Compliance: Uses audit tests to measure the level that the CMDB data adheres to pre-defined certificates.
  • Relationships: Measures the health of CI relationships in terms of indicators such as orphan and duplicate relationships.
CMDB - CI Class Manager Provides a central location for exploring the CMDB class hierarchy, the CI definition, CI health, and other CI-related items. Enables creation of CI-related definitions, such as identifiers.
Connect - Audio notifications Enables Connect to generate audio notifications to alert users of activity. Audio notifications are enabled for all conversations by default. Users can customize their audio notification settings the same way as any other Connect notification type.
Connect - Activity stream mentions Enables someone to mention you in the activity stream of a record you are not following in Connect and have you receive Connect notifications you enabled globally, except for email notifications. You receive a different email notification that is configured outside of Connect. If you are following the record in Connect, you only receive notifications according to your notification preferences for the record conversation.
Connect - Connect Properties page Allows administrators to access the Connect Properties page, which lists several Connect configuration properties in one convenient place. Most of the properties impact Connect Support and Connect Chat.
Connect - Connect Support Properties page Allows administrators to access the Connect Support Properties page, which lists several Connect Support configuration properties in one convenient place.
Connect - Connect Support metrics Allows administrators to activate a homepage and Performance Analytics dashboards, which contain helpful Connect Support metrics.
Core platform - Canceled transaction logging to a table Enables the system to log canceled transactions to a table. This feature can be turned off using a system property.
Core platform - Application quota rules Enables you to specify a quota rule to limit the number of events or jobs that can run in the scope of an application within a specified time.
Core platform - ECMAScript 5 support Allows you to use ES5 JavaScript features in scripts. The 'use strict' directive is supported.
Data import and export - Debug logging for SFTP and SCP Enables additional debug logging for SFTP and SCP data sources with the glide.import.sftp.debug and glide.import.scp.debug properties.
Dependency Views - Dependency types Creates dependency types to filter and customize what the map displays.
Dependency Views - Display related business services map Allows you to double-click a related business service in a Dependency Views map to display the business service map in the Event Management dashboard.
Edge Encryption - Rotate keys without take the proxy offline Enables you to manage encryption keys from the instance. It is no longer necessary to maintain encryption key information in the proxy properties files.
Edge Encryption - Pattern based encryption Allows you to define string patterns that are replaced with tokens before being sent to the instance.
Edge Encryption - Proxy upgrade support Allows you to upgrade a proxy without manually taking the proxy offline. The upgrade process handles shutting down and starting up the proxy for minimal down time.
Email and notifications - Notification preferences Provides redesigned user notification preferences for a better user experience. Users can more easily see which notifications they are receiving for each of their devices, based on the table that the notification is based on. Users can also see which subscribable notifications they have chosen to subscribe to.
Email and notifications - Email archiving Enables administrators to control when and how long emails are archived with archiving and destruction rules.
Guided Setup Provides Guided Setup for certain ServiceNow applications in the Helsinki release. Guided Setup walks you through activities to set up applications and shows your progress through the activities. For an example, see ITSM guided setup.
Knowledge Management - Knowledge homepage enhancements Adds homepage enhancements including number of articles and questions for each knowledge base and layout changes on the top navigation bar.
Notify - Twillio short code integration Enables Notify to automatically pull short code numbers along with E.164 numbers from the configured Twilio account in Notify. Short codes can be used for integration with incoming and outgoing SMS-based workflows with Notify. Twilio Short Code enables high volume limits for sending SMS. It also comes with five-digit to six-digit numbers based on the region in which the short code number is obtained.
User interface - Activity stream mentions Enables you to mention a user with the @ character in an activity stream. By default, users receive email notifications when they are mentioned. If Connect is enabled, users can receive additional notifications.
Lists - Avatars Adds Avatars in columns that reference the User [sys_user] table. If user presence is enabled, online indicators appear on the avatars.
Lists - Split mode Enables Split mode to let users view lists and forms side by side in a split pane layout. In split mode, records are listed in a compact format.
Lists - Redesigned filter interface Provides a redesigned list filter interface for a better user experience, including a cleaner look and enhancements to the dot-walking interface.
Lists - Multiple levels of sorting Enables you to add multiple levels of sorting. For example, users can sort a list of incidents by state, then sort incidents of the same state by date opened.
Lists - enhanced list grouping Allows you to group lists so it is easier to visualize and compare list data at a glance with quick filtering options and graphical breakdowns of grouped data.
Lists - List calculation previews Updates the list calculation interface so you can preview calculations instantly and configure calculations for all columns at once.
Normalization Data Services - new application Normalization Data Services Client is a new application in the Helsinki release. Normalization Data Services Client helps maintain consistency for table fields that refer to a company name. For more information, see Normalization Data Services.
Platform security - Domain separation upgrade to domain paths Makes domain paths is the only domain query method for all instances. Domain numbering is no longer used.
Platform security - OAuth client credentials Allows OAuth to support the client credential grant type. This grant type specifies that the consumer of the resource uses the client ID and client secret already configured in the application registry.
Platform upgrades - Upgrade Monitor page redesign Provides a redesigned Upgrade Monitor page that includes more useful information about the status of the upgrade progress and makes clear what the next steps are to resolve any issues.
Plugin activation - New plugin dependency Adds a new type of dependency for plugins. In these cases, the plugin works, but certain features that do not apply to your system are not installed. For more information, see ServiceNow plugins.
Service Portal - new application ServiceNow Service Portal is a new application in the Helsinki release. Create modern and engaging web interfaces for services and applications running on the ServiceNow platform. For more information, see Service Portal Guide.
Surveys and Assessments - Attachment data type Allows you to use the attachment data type to create a survey or assessment question that lets users attach one or more files.
Surveys and Assessments - Update sets Enables you to use update sets to move survey and assessment data from one instance to another.
Surveys and Assessments - Multiple line descriptions for assessment records Enables you to use table titles to create assessment descriptions that include information from multiple fields on an assessment record and are displayed on multiple lines.
System Diagnostics - Slow Mutex Locks Adds Slow Mutex Locks to the Stats section of System Diagnostics. Locks.
System Diagnostics - Slow Events Logs Adds Slow Events Logs to the Stats section of System Diagnostics.
Time Card - New access for time card users Enables time card users to have view-only access to the Project [pm_project] and Project Task [pm_project_task] tables, so they can create time cards for projects and project tasks.
Update sets - Inclusion of customer-created indexes Changes update sets to include any customer-created indexes for the tables included in the update set.
Visual Task Boards - Modify the query for an existing board

Enables board owners to edit the filter conditions that determine which tasks the board (flexible and guided) tracks. For example, the filter can be edited so the board shows only active incidents, rather than all incidents.

Visual Task Boards - Lane field pivots

Enables board owners (of flexible and guided boards) to change which field on the underlying table defines the lanes. For example, change the lane field so the lanes represent incident states, rather than assignees. Lane field pivots also make it possible to convert a flexible board to a guided board or vice versa.

Visual Task Boards - Drag and drop lanes Allows board members to rearrange lanes simply by dragging them. Arrow icons no longer appear at the bottom of each lane.
Visual Task Boards - Archive all cards in a lane Allows board members to archive all the cards in a lane at once, rather than individually.
Web services - Excel web service XLSX support Enables the Excel web service to export to the XLSX file format in addition to the XLS format. Use XLSX in place of XLS whenever possible for optimal performance.
Web services - Example REST client apps Provides several example REST client applications and source code to demonstrate integrations using REST web services.
Web services - Web service API analytics Tracks and analyze web service API usage, such as REST and SOAP web services.
Workflow - Edit the workflow activity properties form Allows users to customize the layout of workflow activity forms, including individual activity variables.


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