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New applications and changes

This article covers new features and notable changes in Performance Analytics and Reporting in Helsinki.

Note: This is a summary of Helsinki features and enhancements. For full details and the most up-to-date information, see Helsinki Release Notes in the ServiceNow Product Documentation.

Performance Analytics and Reporting enhancements

New and enhanced features for Performance Analytics and Reporting include:

EnhancementDescription and Requirement
Performance Analytics - Heatmap widget Enables you to visualize scores broken down by two separate metrics in a color-coded pivot table.
Performance Analytics - Interactive breakdown widgets Allows you to change widget visualization and breakdown when you view a breakdown widget on a dashboard.
Performance Analytics - In-form analytics Allows you to access context-sensitive analytics based on the current record when viewing a form.
Performance Analytics - Content packs New content packs enable you to track and analyze key metrics for common applications. Content packs provide necessary dashboards, indicators, breakdowns, widgets, and other configuration records. Optional in-form analytics packs let you access the content pack data directly from application forms.
Dashboards - Responsive dashboards Responsive dashboards help you easily find widgets that you want to add to dashboards. Drag-and-drop to move and resize widgets. Existing dashboards are not affected.
Dashboards - Dashboard groups Allows you to organize dashboards into groups.
Dashboards - Interactive filters for empty and non-empty fields Allows you to create an interactive filter that filters for empty and non-empty fields.
Dashboards - Application overview homepages Provides improved overview homepages for multiple applications such as Incident, Problem, Change, Knowledge Management, CMDB, and Customer Service.
Reporting - Map reports Provides map reports that enable you to plot geographical data on a map. Data on maps can be viewed as a heatmap or pinned locations.
Reporting - Updated calendar reports Provides an updated version of calendar reports with more interactivity and improved look-and-feel.
Reporting - Real-time updating of single score widgets on dashboards

Enables you to configure single score widgets that use count aggregation and have been added to a dashboard to update in real time.


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