When the table referenced by the View table field on the Indicator source form exceeds 40 characters, data collection fails when collecting for indicators using that source.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a new table named ReallyLongTableNameLargerThanFortyCharactersInLength.
    The name must be greater than 40 characters in length.
  2. Add a column to the table referencing incident called number.
  3. Create a database view.
  4. Add a table to the database view with these values:
    • table: Incident
    • prefix: inc
    • order 100
  5. Add another table with these values:
    • table: ReallyLongTableNameLargerThanFortyCharactersInLength
    • prefix: rlt
    • order: 200
    • where clause: rlt_number = inc_sys_id
  6. Click Try it to confirm database view is working.
  7. Create a new Performance Analytics indicator source using the database view.
  8. Select the long table as the View table.
  9. Create an automated indicator using the new indicator source.
  10. Create a data collection job for the new indicator.
  11. Run the data collection job.
  12. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Job Logs.
  13. Select the last executed job. 
    Results similar to the following are displayed:
    • Information Fetching "sys_id" from "pa_testing" DataCollector
    • Information SELECT sys_id FROM (task inc INNER JOIN r50h rlt ON rlt.`number` = inc.`sys_id` ) WHERE inc.`sys_class_name` = 'incident' DataCollector
    • Error Could not execute query 

   This is an invalid sql statement - the prefix is missing from the returned sys_id.


  1. Navigate to sys_dictionary.list.
  2. Search for pa_cubes.
  3. Select column facts_table_pktable.
    Note that the max length is 40.
  4. Update the max length to 80.
  5. Click Update
  6. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Indicator Sources.
  7. Select pa test.
  8. In the View table, select Incident
  9. Change the View table field back to the long view table.
    Note that the value in the drop-down menu is no longer truncated.
  10. Click Update.
  11. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Jobs.
  12. Run a data collection job for the indicator.
  13. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Job Logs.
  14. Select the latest executed job. 
    Note that the job executed successfully.

Related Problem: PRB672178

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