Email inbound actions are not updating fields in specific Fuji patches and all Geneva versions 


Any name:value pair in an inbound email body is parsed into a variable/value pair that is available in the inbound email script. One feature of this behavior is that the underbar character '_' acts as a wildcard for pattern matching. In later versions of Fuji and all versions of Geneva, ServiceNow does not allow the usage of two underbar characters '_' in a row or a leading or trailing '_' for wildcard use. For example, lterm__536870946_ should be lterm_536870946_. This was changed to resolve other Fuji issues related to special characters.

For example, the following line exists in an email body:

Product Code !536870947!: U0800

The code snippet that breaks in Geneva is:

var lterm1 = email.body.lterm__536870946_.replace('[$$', '');
var lterm = lterm1.replace('$$]','');
current.u_lterm = lterm;

The code snippet that works in Geneva is:

var lterm1 = email.body.lterm_536870946_.replace('[$$', '');
var lterm = lterm1.replace('$$]','');
current.u_lterm = lterm;

Affected versions:

  • Fuji Patch 7 Hot Fix 16 - and later fixes of Patch 7
  • Fuji Patch 10 Hot Fix 4 - and later fixes of Patch 10
  • Fuji Patch 12 Hot Fix 1 - and later fixes of Patch 12
  • Geneva Patch 3 Hot Fix 2 - and later fixes of Patch 3
  • Geneva Patch 4 - and all later versions of Geneva


  • Inbound Actions that use "__" as wildcards for manipulating strings to set a particular field are ignored
  • Resulting fields are set with the value: undefined



Modifications made in StringUtils.cleanName(s):

  • convert ALL non-ASCII to alphanumeric ASCII and '_'
  • omit starting and ending underlines
  • change multiple underlines to one



Modify the Inbound Action.

For example, change the following syntax:

var lterm1 = email.body.lterm__536870946_.replace('[$$', '');


var lterm1 = email.body.lterm_536870946_.replace('[$$', '');

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