The Question field 'Price if checked' used for the check box variable shows the price in dollars on the UI even though the Fixed price is set to a different currency.

The item price calculation works correctly but the display in the UI for the check box value is not correct. Other variable prices show correctly against choices.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a catalog item with a price of 10 EUR with a Type of Fixed (single currency).

  2. Create a variable with a Type of CheckBox and Type Specifications values for Price if checked (price_if_checked) of 100 and Recurring price if checked (rec_price_if_checked) of 200.

  3. Try to order the item.

    The variable value shows 100 USD rather than 10 EUR.


Always enter price values in the Price if checked (price_if_checked) and Recurring price if checked (rec_price_if_checked) fields in the base currency (determined by the glide.system.locale property).

Related Problem: PRB653587

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