A personalized list layout is sometimes overwritten by other users' layouts in UI16 if the users have personalized the regular table list view and the same table as a related list.

This problem is more likely to occur if the ITIL User also has customized their list layouts.

Steps to Reproduce

OOB Geneva Patch 1 HF 5 using Chrome:

  1. An ESS user (for example, demo user Abel Tuter) logs in and personalizes an incident list (for example, by adding more columns to it).

  2. Another ESS user (for example, demo user Joe Employee) logs in and personalizes an incident list (for example, by moving one column up or down).

  3. When Abel Tuter logs in again and navigates to the incident list, the layout is the same as Joe's layout.

Geneva UI16 using Internet Explorer:

  1. Using any version of Internet Explorer, log in to a Geneva instance.

  2. Impersonate ITIL user Beth Anglin.

  3. Go to the problem.list table and personalize the list layout by clicking the table's gear icon and changing some items to be different from the default layout.

  4. Go to the incident.list table and open any incident.

  5. Configure the layout and add a Problem related list. Modify this list layout by clicking the related list table's gear icon and changing some values from the default layout.

  6. Log out.

  7. Log in as any other active ITIL User.

  8. Navigate to the Problem list.

    Note that either the gear icon displays a dot that shows that the list is personalized but the list is not customized or the ITIL user's layout has been overwritten by Beth Anglin's layout.



A possible workaround consists in trying to personalize the list layout again, removing one column, and adding it again, in order to force a refresh.

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Geneva Patch 1

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