In UI16, when the setting 'Compacts the user interface' is active, the yellow stripe/bar moves slightly to the right and comes to the foreground, covering the text in the Work notes section. This behavior occurs in all forms (INT/CHG/PRB/Tasks).

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Log in to a Geneva instance.
  2. Navigate to Incident.
  3. Open an active incident form.
  4. Click the gear icon  in the upper right corner and make the Compacts the user interface setting active.
  5. Type text in the Work notes field.

Observe that the text is overlapped by the yellow/highlight color bar.



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Related Problem: PRB650422

Seen In

Geneva Patch 0 Hot Fix 1
Geneva Patch 1
Geneva Patch 1 Hot Fix 5
Geneva Patch 1 Hot Fix 7
Geneva Patch 1 Hot Fix 8
Geneva Patch 3

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