Maintenance Schedules with an empty "Applies to" field are incorrectly included when checking for Configuration Item conflicts on a Change Request. This can affect performance.

Steps to Reproduce

Confirm that the bug is present on your instance by viewing Script Include ChangeCollisionHelper and check that in function ChangeCollisionHelper.getConditionalMaintenanceSchedules the line:


is after the line:


To confirm that the function in the script include is retrieving the wrong records, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to module Maintenance Schedules.
  2. Create a new record, entering a value in the Name field and leaving Applies to as -- None --.
  3. Note the total number of Maintenance Schedule records in the list.
  4. Filter the list with the condition [Applies to] [is not] [empty] and note the number.
  5. Navigate to Scripts - Background.
  6. Run the following:
    The number displayed is the total number of maintenance schedule records instead of just the records where Applies to is not empty.


Correct the script include.

  1. Navigate to the Script Includes module.
  2. Open ChangeCollisionHelper.
    At line 14 you see:
        var scheduleGR = new GlideRecord('cmn_schedule_maintenance');
  3. The line with scheduleGR.addNotNullQuery needs to be moved just before the scheduleGR.query() so that the 3 lines then look like:
        var scheduleGR = new GlideRecord('cmn_schedule_maintenance');
  4. Save this modification.

Remove the customer update that has been created as a result of modifying the script include. If the customer update is not removed, future upgrades will skip updating this script include to the latest version.

To remove the customer update:

  1. In the navigator filter, type sys_update_xml.list.
    The list of Customer Update records is displayed.
  2. Filter this list on [Target name] [is] [ChangeCollisionHelper].
    The list should then show just a single record with a recent created date matching when the script include was modified.
  3. Delete the record.

Related Problem: PRB662998

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Fixed In

Fuji Patch 13
Geneva Patch 6

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