Australian English not a supported localization language


When localization is set to en.AU and you try to update the default value of a dictionary entry, the Business Rule "No Duplicates" on sys_documentation throws an error because Australian English is not supported.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Go to System Localization

  2. Set Default System Language to en.AU. 

    Note: After changing the value, you might have to log out and then log in again because the session will have cached the set language.

  3. Go to a dictionary entry of Type "String" and set or clear the default value.

    Example change_request.category

    The Business Rule "No Duplicates" running on sys_documentation will run and trigger the following error:

    A documentation record with the same values of Table, Element and Language fields already exists




Set the localization value to en.GB for UK British Commonwealth English.

Related Problem: PRB649719

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Last Updated:2016-06-27 14:43:25