In the Facilities Administration application, the configuration element 'Approval is required for new requests' is hidden immediately and is not displayed. 

The Configuration module opens a non-customizable page through the URL from arguments:
$ Management&sysparm_app_name=facilities_management&sysparm_title=Facilities%20Management

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log in to an instance with base system Geneva Patch 4 installed.
  2. Activate the Facilities Visualization Workbench plugin and all associated plugins.
  3. Navigate to Facilities > Administration > Configuration
    Note that in the Lifecycle section, the element 'Approval is required for new requests' is hidden immediately.


This is expected behavior. The behavior is related to the addition of two new Facilities StateFlows (Submitted and Resolved) added in the Geneva release. For more information, see Facilities Request Approval in the product documentation. 

We do not recommend selecting the Approval option in an instance upgraded to Geneva. If approvals are now necessary, they should be added to the workflow from a template.

Related Problem: PRB664715

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Geneva Patch 1 Hot Fix 6

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