XML import fails with a file size error starting in Helsinki 



Importing an XML file larger than 100MB fails and the instance shows an error. 


Importing a large XML file (greater than 100MB by default) fails with the following error in the Helsinki release.

File size X MB exceeded the max size allowed: X MB

To set the max size to a higher value, go to 'Import Export' page under 'System Properties' and adjust the property 'Maximum file size for import (MB)'


NoteUse this property with caution. Uploading a very large XML file can severely impact performances and can even cause an outage.



The new property glide.db.impex.XMLLoader.max.file.size.mb was introduced in the Helsinki release. This property limits the maximum allowed file size for an XML import to ensure optimal instance performance.


Navigate to System Properties > Import Export and change the value of the property Maximum file size for import (MB). This property has a maximum size of approximately 1070MB.
Warning: Uploading a very large XML file may impact instance performance or cause an outage.


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Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:57:50