In Geneva, the UI16 Activity Formatter operates in a different way and is also styled differently. The background color for Additional Comments and Worknotes are not maintained in UI16. The Activity Formatter gathers all journal fields and styles them accordingly. Previously styled fields are no longer recognized and there is now a highlighting bar on the left. The bar can be styled with the system property However, the Additional Comments field is displayed when the Incident form is loaded and then replaced with the Activity Formatter after saving or loading an existing Incident.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log in to an instance with base system Geneva installed.
  2. Load the attached sys_ui_style_9b6a4c054ffc12002fa02f1e0210c769.xml file.
    This inserts a style record for the Additional Comments field to set the background color to pink.
  3. Load the attached sys_properties_9d1e3ba7f32102001c13af5274612b8b-2.xml file. 
    This creates sys_property with background color green.
  4. Log in to demonightlygeneva (
  5. Click the gear icon to switch to UI16.
  6. Navigate to Incident > Create New
    The Additional Comments field is displayed in Notes section with pink background and the Provide Additional Information field is loaded with pink field.
  7. Enter the value test (see attached screenshot named Pink Comments).
  8. Right-click on the header and select Save.
    The form is reloaded and Additional Comments is replaced by the Activity Formatter with green coloring bar (see screenshot named Green Comments). This also happens when the form is reloaded. Initially, the Additional Comments field is displayed and then replaced by Activity Formatter. The form should instead display Additional Comments field in a consistent manner.


This is expected behavior in UI16 Geneva. Prior to UI16, the activity log fields could be configured through the system property<field>. In UI16, the highlighting bars can be configured with the system property<field>.

Related Problem: PRB656738

Seen In

Geneva Patch 0 Hot Fix 1
Geneva Patch 4
Geneva Patch 5
Geneva Patch 6

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