A catalog client script that applies on the RITM also incorrectly applies on the catalog task when the RITM popup loads after hovering over the RITM reference field.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create an Onload Catalog client script as follows:

    ?function onLoad() {
       //spe is the name of a Multi Line Text variable (screenshot attached)
       g_form.setDisplay('spe', false);    
    - Applies on Requested Items
    - Catalog Item: Email Account

  2. Open any catalog task related to the Service Catalog Item Email account, for example,

    Notice that the Special Requirements variable field is displayed.

  3. Hover over the Requested Item reference icon

    The RITM popup displays. The Special Requirements variable field is hidden on the catalog task form.

    The Special Requirements field should appear on the catalog task form and be hidden only on the RITM popup form.


As a workaround, create a sys_popup view for RITM, and remove the Variable Editor from the view.

Note that this behavior is by design. The client script sets the display value of a variable that is in the popup for the RITM. It is not changing the value in the Catalog Task. In the popup there is no way to restrict the client script to run only inside the popup context.

For more information, see the Customizing the reference icon.


Related Problem: PRB657126

Seen In

Fuji Patch 9 Hot Fix 1

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