Oracle has deprecated the /usr/ucb/ utilities in Solaris 11. As a result, the /usr/ucb/ps command fails when Discovery runs on a Solaris 11 server. Discovery runs these /usr/ucb/ps commands during Application Dependency Mapping (ADM) to provide output:

  • Standard ADM: The Discovery "Solaris - Active Processes" probe runs the script.
  • Enhanced ADM: The MID Server runs the script.

Steps to Reproduce

Run Discovery on a Solaris 11 server.

Note that Standard ADM or Enhanced ADM probes return results in Running Processes [cmdb_running_process] records with many fields values set to blank or "command not found".


Use either of these workarounds to resolve this issue:

  • Import the attached scripts: These scripts use /usr/ucb/ps for Solaris 10, and /usr/bin/ps instead of /usr/ucb/ps for Solaris 11.

    • discovery_probe_parameter_263987170a0a0327002e52a2c0d673ce.xml: This script corrects the issue for standard ADM. Navigate to Discovery Definitions > Probes, right-click the Name column header, and choose Import XML from the context menu.

    • ecc_agent_script_file_51fff6695312320023bdae4a16dc34c7.xml: This script corrects the issue for enhanced ADM, available beginning with Kingston.

      1. Navigate to MID Server > Script Files.

      2. Right-click the Name column header, and choose Import XML from the context menu.

      3. In the sudoers file, change Cmnd_Alias ADME_PS = /usr/ucb/ps" to Cmnd_Alias ADME_PS = /usr/ucb/ps,/usr/bin/ps.

        You can remove /usr/ucb/ps if you are only using Solaris 11.

  • Install the ucb utility: Although Oracle no longer installs the ucb utilities by default on Solaris 11, these utilities are still available from Oracle. To install the ucb utilities on a Solaris 11 system, run the following commands:
    # pkg set-publisher -G '*' -M '*' -g solaris
    # pkg install compatibility/ucb


Related Problem: PRB643420

Seen In

Fuji Patch 12 Hot Fix 1
SR - ITOM - Discovery and Service Mapping - v1.0.35

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