On cmdb_ci tables, the CI Relationships formatter does not work on a form.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a new table extending Hardware CI.

  2. In the new table, click New.

  3. Right-click in the header and choose Configure Form and then Form Design.

  4. Add the Legacy CI Relations (formatter) field on the form and click Save.

  5. Reload the form.

  6. Enter a new name, create a new record, and reload it.

    The Related Items list is displayed.

  7. Click the (+) sign to add a relationship.

    Note that the list is empty.


  1. Type cmdb_rel_type_suggest.list into the filter navigator.
  2. Create new records for all the CMDB tables (classes) to which you want to add new relationships.
  3. To make a relationship accessible everywhere, select the configuration item class in the Base and Dependent fields.

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Related Problem: PRB647716

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Fuji Patch 8 Hot Fix 1

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