When using the Change > Change Schedule module to move a change to a different time slot, the Activity Log does not report the change (specifically, it does not report who made the change or that the change even occurred). This only happens when using the Change Schedule module. When changing these fields using the Change Request form, the Activity is logged as it should be.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. On the Change Request form, create a new change request. 
  2. Fill in and take note of the date/time values you enter into the Planned start date and Planned end date fields.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. Reopen the change request you just created.
  5. Personalize Activities and add the Planned start date and Planned end date fields to the Activity log.
  6. Navigate to the Change > Change Schedule module.
  7. Locate the change request record you just created and open it.
  8. Using the Change Schedule, drag the change request to a different time slot on the same or different day.
  9. Open the change record.
    The Planned start date and Planned end date fields show the new time you selected. The Activity log, however, gives no indication that the Planned start date and Planned end date field values have ever been changed or who changed them.


The code that updates the change request record from the time is in the script include named TimelineGeneratorSchedulePage. In that script include, before updating the record, the business gets disabled (gr.setWorkflow(false)).

As a workaround, comment out all the lines where it reads gr.setWorkflow(false). By commenting out those lines, all business rules will trigger, including the one for auditing.

Related Problem: PRB565972

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