Email Accounts plugin active by default in Geneva can cause conflicts during upgrade validation process 


By default, the Email Accounts plugin is active in the Geneva release. This is the case if you upgrading to Geneva, zbooting, or are on a newly provisioned instance.


Known issue
If you are testing email functionality during your Geneva upgrade cycle, you may encounter an issue where the Enable email sending (SMTP) and Enable email receiving (POP3) sys_properties are missing on your target instance following a clone from your pre-Geneva instance over your Geneva target instance. This is because the Email Accounts plugin removes these properties when it is activated and cloning by default preserves core sys_properties as is during the clone process.


If you require these properties on your sub-prod instances post-clone, create an incident for ServiceNow Customer Support. Request that your target instance be zbooted to your pre-Geneva target version, before you can clone down over it and have the Enable email sending (SMTP) and Enable email receiving (POP3) properties present post-clone. 

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Last Updated:2016-03-15 07:12:18