Certain elements, such as buttons with the label "YTD," are not displayed correctly when using a non-English language interface. These elements have a maximum possible label length and the translated label is too long.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Set the interface to a non-English language.
  2. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Dashboards.
  3. View a widget that has a date range selector.
    Note the translation for the YTD date range.


This is by design and the issue has been identified as a possible product enhancement. You can submit an Enhancement Request from the Self-Service portal on HI, and Subscribe to this article to be notified in case of future updates.

As a workaround, shorten the translated message on the Messages [sys_ui_message] table so that it fits within the display element.


Related Problem: PRB649104

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Eureka Patch 12 Hot Fix 1

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