Formula indicators round result values using the Banker's rounding algorithm which may return different values than mathematical rounding. For example, the formula 7 + (5 / 2) returns the result 10. The formula 2 + (5 / 2) returns the result 4.

This behavior applies only when the indicator Precision is 0. When the Precision is greater than 0, the result is rounded to the nearest decimal point for the specified precision.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a formula indicator with a Precision of 0.
  2. Enter the formula 7 + (5 / 2).
  3. View the formula result (10).
  4. Change the formula to 2 + (5 / 2).
  5. View the formula result (4).


This is intended behavior. Formula indicators with Precision 0 round to the nearest even, whole number. Refer to the product documentation for more information about rounding in formula indicators.

Related Problem: PRB655149

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