In Fuji, if you create a table having the string 'm2m' in its name using Tables and Column, then Easy Import fails with this error:

'Unable to read entire header, 0 bytes read;expected 512 bytes.'

The instance appears to be is trying to process the table as if it is a many-to-many relationship table:


If you create a table that has the string 'm2m' in its name following the instructions in above wiki page, then Easy Import works as expected.

This issue is only present in Fuji and does not reproduce in Eureka and Geneva.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a table with name u_m2m_products_service_con2.
  2. Add a new field priority with type Integer.
  3. Create a record with priority=1.
  4. Go to the list view of the table.
  5. Select Import from the Context menu.
  6. Select Update and click Create Template.
  7. Change the priority to 2.
  8. Attach the changed file by clicking Choose File.
  9. Click Upload Data.
  10. Note the error message.


As the PRB only affects tables with names longer than 19 characters, one workaround is to use shorter table names. For example, the target table [u_m2m_products_service_con2] could use a shorter name such as [u_m2m_prod_svc_con].

Enterprise users can also define a file/attachment data source. For more information, reference the documentation links below:

Importing data using import sets > Data sourcesFile type data sourcesFile retrieval methods


Related Problem: PRB649377

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Fuji Patch 7 Hot Fix 3

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