When deleting a purchase order, a cascade delete dialog window appears. When clicking 'delete', the dialog remains open and does not return to the form. If you close the dialog box and go back to the list of purchase orders, the deleted purchase order results in a new PO number and deletion of PO line items.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Activate the Procurement plugin with demo data.
  2. Navigate to proc_po.list to view all purchase orders.
  3. Select one that is either Ordered or Requested and has line items.
  4. Click the Delete UI action.
  5. A confirmation dialog appears. Click Delete.
  6. Note that the dialog does not disappear and the screen freezes (click Cancel to close this dialog, and go back to the list of purchase orders).

Note that the purchase order gets deleted, along with the line items, but you may see a new empty purchase order created.


  1. Clicking Delete (on the confirmation dialog) multiple times may result in the new empty purchase order not getting created. However, even if created, you may delete it later manually.
  2. Click Cancel to close the confirmation dialog.
  3. Reload the form to see that the purchase order was deleted. Its line items are also deleted as expected.

Related Problem: PRB653518

Seen In

Fuji Patch 7 Hot Fix 5

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