Time Zone Settings in HI | HI User Profile and Incident

This article reviews the two ways that time zone settings are used in HI for customers and partners, and how to update the settings.

Setting HI profile time zone

HI users are able to set their user preference for time zone in the user profile.  This setting determines the time stamps on items in HI as well as the default time zone for incident communication.

To set your time zone in HI Customer Self-Service Portal:

  1. Log into
  2. Click the name in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Select My Profile from the user menu.
  4. On the profile page, set appropriate time zone.
  5. Click Update.



Time zone for incident communication

SerivceNow Customer Support uses the Time Zone setting in the user profile to determine the best time to contact customers to resolve incidents.  

If there is no time zone in the user profile, customers are required to select a time zone when submitting an incident. In cases where the user profile is not the best one for incident communication, customers can select an alternative incident time zone when submitting an incident. Customers can also update their profile time zone setting automatically when submitting an incident.

To submit an incident with an alternative time zone for incident communication:

  1. Log into
  2. Navigate to Support > Create Incident (or My Issues > Create Incident).
  3. Notice the Time Zone for Incident Communication field auto-populates with the time zone set in the HI profile.
    • If this is the best time zone for incident communication, complete the rest of the fields and submit the incident.
    • If you are located in a different time zone than is displayed or are working outside normal business hours for that time zone, select a time zone that best reflects your availability for incident communication.
  4. On selecting an alternative Time Zone for Incident Communication, you will be prompted to indicate whether you would like to update your HI profile time zone. Check the box to update the HI profile setting when you submit the incident.
  5. Complete the rest of the fields and submit the incident.



More information

For more information about using time zones in the ServiceNow platform, see Using Time Zones.


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