When a table is created with a table name with a length of greater than 19 characters, any Quick Template Import will result in failure.

Import results with UI error:
Unable to read entire header; 0 bytes read; expected 512 bytes

Error message in log:
2015-05-15 13:49:06 (185) Processor SYSTEM Operation against file 'sys_data_source' was aborted by Business Rule 'Set table name^ecbd162d0f08020095d50eeb'. Business Rule Stack:Set table name

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create table that has a name with more than 19 characters (for example "u_user_application_entitlement").
  2. Add multiple placeholder columns.
  3. In your browser, change to table list view (for example: u_user_application_entitlement_list.do).
  4. Right-click the header and select Import.
  5. Set Insert or Update to Insert.
  6. Click Create Excel Template.
  7. Click Select file and browse to the location of the Excel template that was just downloaded, and select it.
  8. Click Upload file.
  9. Note the error message.


As the PRB only affects tables with names longer than 19 characters, one workaround is to use shorter table names. For example, the target table [u_user_application_entitlement] could use a shorter name such as [u_user_app_ent].

Enterprise users can also define a file/attachment data source. For more information, reference the documentation links below:

Importing data using import sets > Data sourcesFile type data sourcesFile retrieval methods



Related Problem: PRB631109

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