Performance Analytics score does not match Records tab


When you view a Performance Analytics detailed scorecard, the score displayed may be different than the number of records that appear in the Records tab. This is expected behavior for certain configurations.

Why this occurs

This behavior may be caused by the following configurations:

  • When an indicator Aggregate value is a value other than Count, such as Sum
  • When you select an aggregate time series on the scorecard, such as 30d running AVG

In both of these configurations, the score displayed on the scorecard is the aggregate value. The Records tab displays the count of records, not the specified aggregate.

Additionally, the score may not match the Records tab even for a Count indicator:

  • When a before query business rule is defined for the table displayed in the Records tab. Business rules do not run during data collection, only when displaying the list of records.
  • A possible solution would be change the aggregate field for the indicator from Count to Count Distinct
  • Note: A Count, just performs a count and includes duplicates while a Count Distinct will ensure duplicates are not counted even if they are found for now and in the future within the database view or table. Once the field is changed to Count Distinct, a second dropdown will appear with the name Field.  This is the field that PA will use to make sure there are unique.  This field is typically set to Sys ID.

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Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:37:55