When generating reports on very large tables without filtering the data, the generated data series can be too large and generate an OutOfMemoryException. This causes a performance degradation on the node and, if repeated, can cause a node crash.

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This problem occurs when generating reports on very large tables without data filtering.


There is a default limit of 10,000 number of data points that can be generated during report execution. When the maximum is exceeded, the report generation stops and an error message is displayed. The default value can be changed by defining a system property of type integer with the name: glide.report.max_data_points. However, we do not recommend increasing the default to avoid performance issues.

You can reduce the number of data points during the report generation in the following ways: 

  • add filters
  • use fewer data series 

Related Problem: PRB649082

Seen In

Calgary Patch 7 Hot Fix 5

Fixed In

Geneva Patch 1

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