Reopen Incident inbound action has the same functionality as Update Incident (BP). Because Update Incident (BP) handles more cases, Reopen Incident inbound action should be removed.

Steps to Reproduce 

System Policy > Email > Inbound action
Name = Reopen Incident
Note that this process reply emails where subject contains "please reopen" sets state to active and adds a comment stating that the caller was not happy.

Now navigate to...
System Policy > Email > Inbound action
Name = Update Incident (BP)
Note that also process reply emails where (email.subject.toLowerCase().indexOf("please reopen") >= 0) { and sets the following
current.state = "2";
current.work_notes = "The caller did not feel that this issue was resolved";


Remove "Reopen Incident" inbound action, emsuring that "Update Incident (BP)" remains.

Related Problem: PRB651843

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