The 'Change condition - Remediation workflow' business rule is running on insert of wf_workflow_version with no conditions. This causes all new workflows to have the following condition: remediation_workflow=dbe383b44fe3020065178e328110c71b^run_remediation=true^EQ.

When a user looks in the UI after checking out a workflow that either did not have a condition or had a different one, it appears that no condition is saved on checkout/publish unless it is changed before publish. This is because that condition in the UI cannot be rendered for any other tables except the [em_remediation_task] table.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Activate the Service Watch plugin.
  2. Create a new Emergency Change request.
  3. Verify that the Emergency Change workflow is running.
  4. Check out the Emergency Change workflow.
  5. Create a new Emergency Change request.
  6. Verify the Emergency Change workflow is no longer starting/running.


Add a condition to the business rule Change condition - Remediation workflow that checks if the [Table] [is] [em_remediation_task]. See attachment.

Note: This workaround creates a custom business rule. Subsequent upgrades will not have an effect on this business rule.

Related Problem: PRB651648

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Geneva Patch 0 Hot Fix 1
Geneva Patch 1

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