Access Control in entitlements and user criteria 


This article describes legacy catalog entitlement and the changes introduced after the Fuji release. 
Legacy entitlement

Catalog entitlement is supported to control access to a catalog item or category. 

The following entitlements are available:

For catalog items:

For categories:



User Criteria

After Fuji, the functionality in catalog entitlement is superseded by Service Catalog Access Controls. The roles/scripts defined in entitlement are not honored when user criteria is used after successful migration from entitlements.

The user criteria architecture collects all user attributes in the User Criteria [user_criteria] table, such as roles, scripts, users, companies, groups, departments, or locations.

User criteria records can link to items and categories as follows.

For catalog items:

  • Catalog Item Available for [sc_cat_item_user_criteria_mtom]
  • Catalog Item Not Available for [sc_cat_item_user_criteria_no_mtom]

For categories:

  • Category Available for [sc_category_user_criteria_mtom]
  • Category Not Available for [sc_category_user_criteria_no_mtom]

For more information, see Legacy Servie Catalog Access Controls and User Criteria in the product documentation.

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