The Item Designer - Task Sequence Complete business rule sends an event when updating the closed catalog task and fires the 'wait for wf event,' which should wait for the current task to complete. This causes the base system Item Designer - Fulfillment workflow to end prematurely and close the requested item, even though there are open tasks.

Steps to Reproduce 

  1. Navigate to Item Designer > Create New.
  2. Add at least two tasks.
  3. Order an item.
  4. Open the requested item created.
  5. Close the first task.
    Note that RITM state = Open and Task = Closed Complete.
  6. Open the closed task.
  7. Add work notes.
  8. Click Update.
    Note that RITM state = Closed Complete even if there is still an open task.


In the Item Designer Task Sequence Complete business rule, modify the condition value to the following line of code:

sc_ic_Factory.wrap(current).isTaskSequenceComplete() && (current.state >=3 && previous.state < 3)

Related Problem: PRB642193

Seen In

Eureka Patch 10

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