System Log displays error: "CMS site data missing from table"


The System Log is displaying a reoccurring error similar to:

CMS site data missing from table: [sc_catalog_site] sc_catalog: [e0d08b13c3330100c8b837659bba8fb4] content_site: [faea7ad449922000caa52338b90d7897]: no thrown error
The following error is seen when the System Administrator naviagates to System Logs > System Log > Errors:


This error message is hard-coded, non-editable, and generated from this snippet with the code:

// If we get here the object hasn't been cached yet.
GlideRecord catSiteGr = new GlideRecord(SC_CATALOG_SITE);
catSiteGr.addQuery(SC_CATALOG, fCatalogId);
catSiteGr.addQuery(CONTENT_SITE, fSiteId);

* If Customer CMS site hasn't been set up just return a blank string
* This may cause some slow down until they set up their CMS site
* correctly. We could cache the blank values but would we want to speed
* up incorrect config?
if (! {
Log.error(String.format("CMS site data missing from table: [%s] sc_catalog: [%s] content_site: [%s]",
new Object[]{SC_CATALOG_SITE, fCatalogId, fSiteId}));

The above code cheeks if a CMS Site [content_site] has a corresponding Catalog [sc_catalog]. Starting with Eureka, support for multi-catalogs was introduced. For more information, see Managing Catalog Sites.

If you want to use a Catalog [sc_catalog] within a CMS Site [content_site], a Catalog Site [sc_catalog_site] record must be defined linking the two. The example screenshots shows want is configured in the base system:

To resolve the error, associate Catalog(s) to the CMS Site with the following steps:
  1. Navigate to Content Management > Sites.
  2. Filter on the sys_id of the Site [content_site] referenced in the error.
  3. Configure related lists to add the Catalog related list (it is not displayed in the base system by default).
  4. On the related list, click Edit to specify the missing Catalog(s).
    The following is a example of the base system CMS Site's Catalog association:

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