A 'null' value appears in the service catalog checkout page.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Set the property glide.sc.prioritise.user.location to false so the delivery address is taken from the User record.
  2. Set the property to enable two-step checkout for service catalog by navigating to Service Catalog > Properties and setting the Use the two step catalog checkout model property the true (the default is false).

Note: If you impersonate any user and order anything from the service catalog, the null value appears in the shipping address fields.


The fix for this issue is in the Java Layer.

If you set the property glide.sc.prioritise.user.location to false, the shipping address for the user is taken from record associated with the user in the [sys_user] table.

To avoid this issue, update the value of the country code associated with the user record in the [sys_user] table. 

Related Problem: PRB649441

Seen In

Eureka Patch 10
Fuji Patch 6
Fuji Patch 7 Hot Fix 5
Fuji Patch 8

Fixed In

Fuji Patch 11
Geneva Patch 1

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