When you have conditions in the updated custom activity, the workflow canvas does not get refreshed with the new condition locally. The user does not get feedback about the condition change and therefore does not know to modify the workflow to accommodate these new transitions.

In the attached screenshots, note that the activityConditions.jpg shows condition1 and condition2, but in the workflowCanvas.jpg, the activity definitions have already been updated but the conditions do not get redrawn.

As a result of this problem, when the workflow is executed, it can be stuck against the activity until the user realizes that transitions need to be added for these new conditions.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to Install Application and install the attached sn_testactivity__v1_0__ts2015_02_26__17_22_05.zip file.

  2. Switch to your instance to the scope of the activity pack and create workflows that use the testactivity/SSH/SSH test activity.

  3. Pin these activities and publish your workflow.

  4. Navigate to Install Application and install the attached sn_testactivity__v2_0__ts2015_02_26__17_36_03.zip file.

  5. Go back to your workflow editor.

    Note that the pinned activity is green.

  6. Check out your workflow and go to the activity to update.

    Note that the conditions are not refreshed on the canvas.



  1. Navigate to the workflow editor.

  2. Select the workflow in question and check it out.

  3. Select the SSH activity and save all input fields to a temporary file.

  4. Delete the SSH activity in question.

  5. Select the Custom tab, open the activity pack, and drag the activity (new version) onto the canvas (manual replacement of activity).

    Note that the new conditions for the activity appear.

  6. Add appropriate transitions.

  7. Publish the workflow.


Related Problem: PRB624783

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