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New applications and changes

This article covers new features and notable changes in IT Service Management in Geneva.

Note: This is a summary of Geneva features and enhancements. For full details and the most up-to-date information, including changes and requirements, see Geneva Release Notes in ServiceNow Product Documentation.

IT Service Management enhancements

New and enhanced features for IT Service Management include:

Change Management
Standard change catalog

The standard change catalog provides the means to store and offer approved change templates, for selection. Requesters can propose, modify, and retire any template via a process of review with change management. The standard change catalog compliments the Standard (routine) change process by feeding into existing life cycles. Change management can review the success levels of templates over time.

Copy a change

Change requesters can quickly duplicate a change rather than always starting from a blank request thereby saving time. Dynamic information such as dates can be then be added. Change tasks and related lists of CIs are also available to copy. The Copy Change feature is easily configurable to encompass custom fields.

Changed in the Geneva release:

  • The state model and state transitions is now Information Technology Information Library (ITIL) aligned.
    • The task state model has been replaced by a more recognisable Change Management specific model.
    • Change types have been updated to ITIL aligned Normal, Standard, and Emergency with associated tailored life cycles.
  • The conflict detection process has been updated.
    • Conflict information is now generated automatically and presented clearly in the change request.
    • Users can view when the change was last checked for conflicts.
  • Associating multiple CIs changes. On the related lists of CIs, the old slush bucket has been replaced by the standard platform list enabling multiple CIs to be easily searched for using quick querying techniques and saved filters.
Service Portfolio Management
Service 360 

Service 360 is dependent on a subscription to Performance Analytics Premium. This new feature:

  • Enables monitoring of Business Service Performance
  • Consolidates data into a single, powerful visualization with the ability to view a more detailed report and analysis
  • Quickly identifies poor performing services
  • Identifies areas for remediation
Treemap visualization A dynamic treemap that is a D3 rendering of all business services across an entire organization based on a score from a specific Category and an Indicator from the Category.
Pre-configured data analytics

Service 360 comes pre-configured with indicators, widgets, categories, dashboards, and treemaps. Each indicator has its own treemap.
Configurable Treemap categories and indicators

Custom categories and indicators can be added to what is provided out-of-box.

Changed in the Geneva release:

  • The portfolio_admin role is now able to view all treemaps, categories, and indicators, as well as, create additional categories and indicators and edit existing records.


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