Site (URL Suffix) for CMS is case sensitive



The link to access a CMS site uses the following format:

https://<instance><site suffix>

The <site suffix> is defined by the URL Suffix field on the Site form.

A URL only redirects the user to the CMS Site if the <site suffix> case is entered correctly.




The following is reproducible:

  • https://<instance> ....directs to the standard non-CMS User Interface
  • https://<instance> .....directs to the standard non-CMS User Interface
  • https://<instance> .....directs to CMS Site as expected


A problem record was created for this issue. Development confirmed the behavior and closed this problem noting there no plan to alter this behavior in any of the upcoming releases.


As a result, careful consideration must be made when creating a custom CMS site and populating the URL Suffix field on the Site record.

However, the following solution can be used as a workaround (please note that this solution is provided as is and should be run at one's own risk as this is only provided as a demonstration on how to workaround this issue):

Create a global UI script:

API Name: Portal case insensitivity redirect 
Global: true 
Active: true 
function portalRedirect() { 
if ((document.URL.indexOf('Ess') != -1) || (document.URL.indexOf('ESS')) != -1) { //replace ess with the site name and make sure to cover all cases (i.e. ESS, Ess, EsS, ESs, etc.)
window.location = '/ess/'; 


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