New enhancements in HI | UI16

Table of Contents

1. Overview
2. Banner Frame - Help Menu, User Menu, and System Settings
3. Application Navigator - Navigation Filter, Application and Modules, Favorites, History, and Collapsed Navigator
4. Forms - Activity Stream and User Presence
5. Keyboard Shortcuts


    Note: To view UI16 from the CSS portal, switch to HI Legacy from the User Menu.



1. Overview

ServiceNow has introduced UI16 enhancements to HI. This document highlights notable changes and improvements, including redesigns and updates to the banner frame, application navigator, application modules, system settings, form headers, and more.



2. Banner Frame

The UI6 banner frame include updates to the Help Menu, User Menu, and System Settings.

Help Menu

Click the Help menu icon to find out What's New.

What's New

This Help page features a slideshow with information about the latest updates:

User Menu

The User Menu allows you to update/edit your profile information and log out:

1. Click Profile to update your profile information:


System Settings

The gear icon in the banner frame opens system settings in a pop-up window. Settings are reorganized for a better experience.


 Change accessibility, list columns, date/time, and time zone from here.



Choose from these new themes available from the System Settings menu:



You can tab forms here or select how to load related lists from this setting:



3. Application Navigator

The UI16 application navigator features enhancements to the navigation filter, and contains new tabs for favorites and history. You can also collapse the navigator.

Navigation Filter

The UI 16 navigation filter allows you to quickly search All Apps and Favorites:

Application & Modules

Click the  to view all applications or modules. Double-click the tab to collapse or expand all applications.


Collapse Navigator

Located at the bottom of the application navigator, the collapse button gives you the option to close the application navigator to the collapsed state.

The collapsed state includes:

  • Navigation Filter – This expands the navigator.
  • Favorites – This groups your favorites into one Service Desk module.
  • All Favorites - This displays all your favorites in a flyout.
  • Expand Navigator – This opens the full view of the application navigator.



Click the  icon in the application navigator to view favorites:

You can also select a module to Favorite all applications in the module:



Note: Any bookmarks you created in a previous versions of the UI are automatically converted to UI16 favorites. However, UI15 favorites are not converted to UI16 favorites and must be recreated manually.


To add/edit favorites:

  1. Click to the right of the module to select favorites:

  2. To edit, click the Favorite icon.
  3. Click Edit Favorites at the bottom of the module, and then click the module to edit (or drag the module icon to reorder).
  4. On the Set up your favorites page, select the Name, Color, and Icon, and preview changes.
  5. To remove a favorite, click Remove from favorites, and confirm changes.
  6. Click Done.

To create a favorite from a form:

  1. Right-click the form header and select Create Favorite from the form menu:

  2. Select from Favorite options below:


  3. Click Done.


Click the tab of the application navigator to view History. This feature lists recently accessed items in chronological order, based on time ago stamps.




The form header features new activity stream and user presence functionality:

Activity Stream

The Activity Stream icon appears in the header.

Click the icon to open the activity stream to the right of the form:


Activity Stream fields

The entry types include journal, image attachments, audit changes, and non-image attachments.


List Activity Stream - Record Mode

Click the record to open the record stream. You can also open the record directly from the Activity Stream.


User Presence

You can now see who views or makes updates to forms in real time. Updates made in the form are indicated by icons that are displayed on the form. The User Presence icon indicates when one user currently active in the form. A circle with a number indicates that more than person active in the form:





Keyboard Shortcuts

The UI16 keyboard shortcuts allow you to expand or collapse the navigator:


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