User expecting CMS site is directed to standard user interface

User lauching link to access a CMS Site (for example, https://<instance>.service-now.com/<url_suffix of cms site>), but the CMS site does not display as expected. The user is redirected to the non-CMS, standard user interface (essentially navpage.do).


This can occur when the CMS Site active option is mistakenly marked false. The CMS site active option is not displayed by default on the list or form view so it can get overlooked. 

Check the site active value and ensure it is set to true.

  1. Navigate to Content Management > Sites.
  2. Personalize the list so the Active column is displayed.
  3. Ensure the site Active field is set to true.

  4. Retest the CMS url.
  5. Verify that the user is redirected the site.

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Last Updated:2016-11-08 15:52:39