CMS Continue Shopping and Back to Catalog buttons result in error


After upgrading to Eureka and later versions, if you use CMS and Service Catalog the Continue Shopping and Back to Catalog buttons can result in a Page not found broken link error and the following error:


Eureka introduced new functionality that included support for multiple Service Catalogs. As a result, it is now necessary to associate the CMS Site with the Service Catalog in order for the Continue Shopping and Continue to Homepage buttons to redirect the user correctly.

The Using Catalog Site Records section of the product documentation explains the changes introduced in Eureka and how the Sites related list is used to specify the CMS Site to a service catalog record.



Follow these steps to populate the fields necessary to support the redirection of the buttons within CMS.

  1. To display a list of service catalog records within the instance, navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog Definitions > Maintain Catalogs.  

  2. Click on the service catalog record being used.

  3. From the Service Catalog [sc_catalog] record, click the Sites related tab.

    Note: In the base system, the default Employee Self Service (ESS) site is already associated to the base sytem Service Catalog record.


  4. Click the Edit button to display the slushbucket.

  5. Double click your custom site on the left to add it to the right and click Save:

  6. Now back on the Sites related list, double click on the field in the related list to populate the following for the Site record:

    • CMS homepage: the url suffix of the content page that is the top of your catalog
    • CMS search page: catalog_find_cms
    • CMS 'Continue Shopping' page: <the url suffix of the content page that you want users' redirected to...if nothing is specified, the default behavior is to redirect the user to the previous CMS page>

  7. Retest the steps and verify that the Page not found error no longer occurs and the user is redirected to the CMS content page as expected.

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