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The Register On-Premise Instance option is for customers that already have an on-premise instance and need to request that their instance be added or updated to the CMDB in HI
Target User
Register On-Premise Instance is available to users with the customer_admin and partner_admin role only.
This video describes how to register or update an On-Premise instance in the HI Configuration Management Database.
Use the steps in this section to register or update an On-Premise instance on HI. If you need to make any modifications to the registration request (such as changing the Used For field) after you submit the request, click the Cancel button and submit a new request.

  1. Log in to HI at
  2. Click Service Catalog.
  3. Click Register On-Premise Instance.

  4. In Company, type the company name.
  5. In Used For, click the drop-down and select what is appropriate.
  6. In Stats Page, provide the following information.
    The easiest method of obtaining this information is to copy/paste the instance (https://<instance-name>/

    • Build date
    • Build tag
    • Instance name
    • Instance Id (instance IDs are unique and cannot be reused)

  7. Validations performed on the entered stats page
    1. If any of the 4 fields mentioned above are not provided, you cannot submit the request
    2. If an existing instance ID is provided in the stats page, the catalog will look for any name or assigned version changes to the instance, if not, an error is thrown to the user and the catalog cannot be submitted
  8. Click Submit.
  9. A change request is created that contains the link to the newly created/updated instance record

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