If the last condition in report filter is 'is one of' and if the resulting records have some or all empty values in the field chosen to 'trend by', the drill-down page is opened with an invalid filter, sometimes returning an empty record set.

An example of the corrupted encoded filter is:
/<2015-08-20 12:58:47^opened_at>=2015-07-19 12:58:47^active=true^stateNOT IN6,7^^resolved_at=&sysparm_view=

Notice the double ^ character before 'u_completion_target_date' column, which is the 'trend by' field in this case, and that it has empty values in the expected record set.

It is possible the drill-down page shows an empty list even though the box on the chart used to drill down had a few records. Removing one of the duplicate ^ character from the filter brings up the expected list results.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a new report:
    • table: Incident [incident]
    • type: Trend
    • group by: Created
    • trend by: Resolved
    • filter: [Resolved] [is empty] [AND][Priority] [is one of] [1 - Critical, 2 - High, 3 - Moderate, ... just select all choices]
  2. Save the report and run, making sure that you get a chart as a result.
  3. Click a box to drill down on the data, and notice the filter on the resulting page having the double ^^ characters before the last parameter.
  4. Go back to the report and change:
    • filter: [Resolved] [is NOT empty] [AND] [Priority] [is one of] [1 - Critical, 2 - High, 3 - Moderate, ... just select all choices]
  5. Run the report and click a box to drill down on the data. Notice the filter on the resulting page.



For the drill-down to work properly, ensure that the last report filter is not based on the [is one of] condition but something else.

If the report must have only one condition, and it has to be with the [is one of] condition, then add one more filter at the end that ensures all records are returned, for example [active] [is] true] or [active] [is] [false].

Related Problem: PRB647651

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