Known Issues with Mobile Knowledge Management

Corrected Issues

There are a number of problems reported with Knowledge in the Mobile UI. Here’s a list of the common issues that have been resolved in available ServiceNow patches. These issues have been resolved as of Fuji Patch 8, so it’s recommended to upgrade to that version to avoid these issues, however the specific version in which each of these issues has been resolved is listed below. 

PRB600330: Retired knowledge articles show up in searches on the mobile site (Dublin Patch 8, Eureka Patch 8, Fuji).
PRB638429: Knowledge remains on v2 in Mobile when instance is upgraded (Fuji Patch 8).
PRB631255: EXPRESS: Mobile interface ignores role limitations on Knowledge. (Fuji)
PRB631971: Knowledge bases with a large number of articles cause substantially reduced performance from Mobile UI (Fuji Patch 6).

Outstanding Issues

The following issues are still outstanding or have been confirmed as targeted to fix in upcoming versions. Subscribing to any of these known error articles (click Subscribe button at the top of the article) will allow you to receive notifications when more information is available about these issues.
PRB636453: Knowledge Mobile: article view page is not properly sized and breadcrumb font size incorrect.
PRB636840: Mobile Knowledge Base does not filter by language.
PRB645775: Recent documents show HTML format for knowledge article on Mobile UI.

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