This article describes the ways to troubleshoot UI actions when you are working with the mobile client.


Mobile UI Actions and Desktop UI Actions are different entities 

An important distinction to note about mobile UI actions, is that they are not the same thing as the UI actions you see on your desktop UI. UI Actions that you have created in the desktop UI will not be visible in the mobile UI, and vice versa.
Desktop UI actions are stored on the sys_ui_action table, and can be see on the instance by navigating to System UI → UI Actions.
Mobile UI actions are stored on the sys_ui_ng_action table, and are accessible on the instance by navigating to System Mobile UI → UI Actions - Mobile

Mobile UI Action Visibility

In the desktop UI, there is a related list on the UI action form called UI Action Visibility, which can be used to restrict UI Action visibility to specific views. There are two things to note regarding this:
  1. Showing a desktop UI action on the mobile view will not give a desktop UI action visibility in the mobile UI.
  2. There is not an equivalent related list for the Mobile UI Action form. Such a related list is unnecessary for mobile because the mobile UI does not support multiple views. It will only use the Mobile view and all Mobile UI Actions will automatically use this view.

Mobile UI Action Locations

As with the Desktop UI, Mobile UI Actions buttons can appear in different locations based on the checkboxes present on the UI Action form.  
  • List button: UI Action will appear on record lists for the table specified in the Table field.
  • Form button: UI Action will appear on forms for records on the table specified in the Table field.  
  • Form more item: UI Action will appear in the More button, which appears as an ellipsis in the lower right corner of the mobile form.

Scripting in Mobile UI Actions

As with Desktop UI Actions, Mobile UI Actions can contain script in both the condition and script fields, however there are some differences and limitations for client-side scripting for the mobile UI.  

 One change to note in particular is the difference between Mobile and Desktop URL structure, which is useful to know when using actions such as action.setRedirect.

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Additional Information

Here are some additional articles related to mobile and UI actions:
KB0551387  - The action.setRedirectURL method is not working for Mobile UI actions. (Fixed as of Eureka Patch 10, Fuji Patch 3.)
KB0535114 - Mobile UI Actions appear on new records when condition has current. (Fixed as of  Eureka.)
KB0551378 - Condition on Mobile UI Action failing to evaluate. (Fixed in Geneva, workaround available for earlier versions.)


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