When navigating to Self-Service > My Task Boards on an iPad, the Welcome screen appears but is cut off and is impossible to clear without navigating to another location. Additionally, the Welcome screen appears to disregard the vtb.help.firsttime sys_user_preference, so task boards are basically unusable on the tablet interface because the Welcome screen always displays and cannot be hidden. This issue occurs when using $tablet.do or navpage.do.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. In the Desktop UI, navigate to Self Service > My Task Boards. This should set the vtb.help.firsttime User Preference to false, preventing the appearance of the Welcome screen.
  2. As same user, log in to the instance using the Safari browser on an iPad. Use either tablet.do or navpage.do.
  3. Navigate to Self Service > My Task Boards. The task board Welcome screen should not appear, but it does. Additionally, the Welcome screen is cut off and the close button (X) does not work.
  4. Log in as a different user that has not already had the vtb.help.firsttime preference set for them.
  5. Repeat steps 2 and 3. The task board welcome screen does appear, but the screen is cut off and the close button (X) does not work.  


This issue is under review. If you are able to upgrade, check the Fixed In field below to determine the versions that have a permanent fix. You can also subscribe to this known error article (click Subscribe button at the top of the article) to receive notifications when more information is available about this issue.


Related Problem: PRB631725

Seen In

Eureka Patch 10

Fixed In

Eureka Patch 13

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