If you create a filter with week starts on "this week" in the navigator app and then check the module on mobile, the week starts on today's date instead of beginning of week date.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Go to Time Card > All.
  2. Create a new time card where the Week starts on field is set to a day from last week.
  3. Go back to Time Card > All and apply the following filter:
    Week starts on = last week => time card is found
  4. Go to System Mobile UI > Navigator Apps
  5. Enter one of the applications.
  6. In the Modules related list, create a new module.
  7. In the module you are created:
    • set the table field to time_card 
    • set the Filter to Week starts on Last week
  8. Go to the Mobile UI.
  9. Enter the module you created.
    The time card is not found. 

time card week starts no matching results


Currently, the advanced filter expressions supported by glide are not always editable or usable in the mobile interface. Advanced date comparisons are possible in the mobile interface, but the syntax is specific to the mobile UI. To perform the specific query described in the problem for the issue, the syntax would be:


If the filter is created in the mobile application, it produces that syntax vs the syntax generated by a glide_list_v2 filter.

To make the application menu and module on glide, use Path instead of filter. That path would be: 


This may be helpful:

today:            ON,d

this month:    ON,m

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Related Problem: PRB602333

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Dublin Patch 1 Hot Fix 1
Fuji Patch 3

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