You can access a calendar view of all ServiceNow Change (CHG) requests scheduled for your instances from the Manage Instances page of the Now Support (HI). You can also send a calendar invitation through email to place change events on your personal calendars.

The calendar includes Open, Closed Incomplete, and Closed Complete CHGs. Change records appear on the calendar based on planned start and end dates (where appropriate). If no planned end date is available, the CHG shows only on the planned start date.  


Viewing the Change calendar

  1. Log into
  2. Click Manage Instances.
  3. Click Sync with Mail Calendar to send calendar events for changes scheduled in the future.
  4. Click Change Calendar to view the calendar.
Note: The calendar defaults to latest month with an active CHG.



Using the Change Calendar



The features of the Change Calendar are shown in the following figure and described below.


Change Calendar in Enterprise customer view

As shown in the figure, the Customer Change Calendar provides several useful features:

    1. The date icons switch between monthly, weekly, and daily views.

    2. Use the arrows to view the previous or next month. Click today to return to current day or month.

    3. Click to Print opens the print dialog box with a printable version of the calendar.

    4. Click on a CHG number to open the CHG record.  CHGs that have planned end dates occurring on a later date than the planned start dates span multiple days.

    5. Click the "more" link to see the full list on dates that have many CHGs.

    6. Highlight CHGs based on certain features.


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