Setting up JDBC with Sybase and DB2 drivers 


Starting with the Geneva release the Sybase and DB2 JDBC drivers are no longer supported by default. To access these database types, you must configure a MID server with the necessary JDBC driver. Direct connection to these databases is not supported.


Driver version
The correct driver to use depends on your implementation. You can obtain a copy of the driver from the driver vendor.

The drivers included prior to Geneva are:

FormatDriverDriver class


Install a MID server
You must have a MID server set up. If you do not have a MID server already configured, refer to the product documentation for instructions on installing and configuring a MID server


Install the driver on the MID server
The MID server does not include Sybase or DB2 drivers by default. To use one of these drivers, you must install the driver on the MID server.


Configure the data source

You must set up a Sybase or DB2 JDBC data source. These JDBC types are not enabled by default, you must enable the data source format you want to use. After enabling the data source format, create a data source record with that format. 

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