In order to customize the data presented in a mobile list view, you can edit the List Layout for the mobile view. Adding begin_split and end_split items within that list view defines how the data is rendered in the mobile list view.

It was found that this functionality no longer works correctly on Eureka and Fuji.

If you switch to the card view by pressing the button at the top of the mobile screen, you can see that the mobile view is recognized and rendered correctly there; however, the list view is not (see attached files).

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Access an instance using the new mobile UI, Eureka or later.
  2. Navigate to an incident list.
  3. Switch to the mobile view.
  4. Right-click the list header and choose Personalize > List Layout.
  5. Add |-begin_split-| and |-end_split-| elements within that list view to define how the data is rendered in the mobile list view.
  6. Switch to the mobile UI.
  7. Go to Incident > Active.
  8. Note the split elements have no effect in the mobile UI.



Split lists are not supported outside of the Legacy UI. To configure information visible in the list view in the new mobile UI, refer to Customize the mobile list view.



Related Problem: PRB611483

Seen In

Eureka Patch 5

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