Mobile UI limitations


Compared to the Desktop UI, the Mobile UI allows less user customization. In the following section, you can view the different customizations that are supported and not supported by the Mobile UI:


  • Personal favorites and tags
  • Order of Home sections
  • Client-side scripts
    • Client scripts
    • UI Policies
    • Catalog Client scripts
    • Catalog UI Policies
  • UI Actions
    • List button (attached to the record in the list)
    • Form button
    • Form more item
  • Directing UI actions to external links (in a new tab only)
  • Unique view of list and form
  • Unique customization of Catalog items and categories

For more available customizations of the Mobile UI, on your instance, go to System Properties > Mobile UI Properties



Not supported

  • Adding new sections to the homepage
  • UI Actions on list header
  • Changing the CSS of the UI (font size, icons size, margins, etc.)
  • Directing modules or favorites to external links
  • Customizing the auto-compete attributes on a reference field

Other base system elements / features which are not supported on the Mobile UI (taken from product documentation):

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